North East Region

The North East Region covers Tyne and Wear, East Yorkshire, County Durham and parts of Scotland and Cumbria.

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Tyne Valley Trekkers  Prudhoe
Tyne Valley Rainbows  Ryton

News from North East Region:

Hi everyone,
just to let you know Emmaus is alive in the North East. We may not currently have a committee, and are therefore presently unable to run walks, but what God has done, and continues to do, through Walk to Emmaus up here, cannot be underestimated. Tyne Valley Trekkers and Rainbows meet once a month for prayer, fellowship, fun and food, and to make agape. Our two newest members, it might encourage you to know, walked to Emmaus last year, which was after our walks here in the North East were put on hold. Some of us have worked on walks in other regions since, and just some of the things that I know our Emmaus friends have been inspired to do since/because of their walks are as follows;
Serve as volunteers at Minsteracres Retreat Centre
Undertake Local Preacher/ Worship Leader training
Train to be Deacons
Take on roles in organisations such as Methodist Women in Britain
Work in a village for children with HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Of course, these are just a few of the many, many positive ventures, and how we have been changed on a personal level is arguably something known only to ourselves and God, but one thing we do know up here in the North East is that we have to share Jesus message of love and forgiveness in whatever way God sees fit. He knows what He’s doing, even if to us things seem uncertain or a little mad or scary at times. St Paul says we should be unafraid to be “Fools for Christ”, and encourages us to keep our eyes on Jesus and strive forward towards the ultimate goal of eternal life.

De Colores
Helen Taylor
North East Emmaus