East Midlands Region

The East Midlands Region covers Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire.

Committee Members
Lay Director : Nikki Coles
Spiritual Director : David Haywood

Reunion Groups

Hugglescote Huggies   Coalville
Rowell’s Reunion Rothwell
Humber Tugs Winterton
Scartho Crew Scartho
Yorkies York


East Midlands 20 Ladies Walk to Emmaus 2018

Friday 4th – Monday 7th May 2018
Cliff College, Cliff Lane, Calver, Hope Valley, S32 3XG
Lay Director:  Pat Basson
Spiritual Director: Rev Pat Malham
East Midlands 20 Team Form
East Midlands 20 Pilgrim Form
Prayer Vigil EM20

For Application Forms, Prayer Vigil and Prayer Lists please go to “Walks”

News from East Midlands Region:

Dear Friends,

We are having a Gathering in the Northern part of the East Midlands but all are welcome no matter where you are living. Wendy and David Haywood are going to be in Keelby and we thought it a good excuse to have a party.
The date is: Saturday 9th December, 6:00 PM at Keelby Methodist Church
Please bring some food to share. We intend this to be enough for an evening meal rather than just a snack hence the 6:00 start time.
Please email Nikki Coles if you are going to be coming. 


23rd January 2016

Well the New Year has begun and the first month is almost over – my goodness how times flies!

We are just 18 short weeks away from our Ladies walk at Cliff College from April 28th to May 1st, all preparations are progressing well and the walk is soaked in prayer. There is still plenty of space for pilgrims so don’t hesitate to contact Liz Hudson if you are praying for someone and then she can add the team’s prayers to yours – more heads and voices and all that!!

We are also really excited to be hosting a Men’s walk in October (26th to 29th) at The Briars, Crich, Derbyshire and super excited that Andrew Gadd has taken on the role of LD and the Rev Leslie Newton as SD. Please support these gentlemen with your prayers as they begin to bring a team together for this walk. And gents don’t wait to be asked by them to be on team, just ask yourself, “Is God calling me to serve on this team?” if the answer is “yes” then get in touch with Andrew at – andrew@ajgadd.plus.com

All info and forms for both walks will soon be available on the website, so get thinking and get praying for CHRIST IS COUNTING ON YOU!

On another more practical note as we enter this New Year it is a time to remind ourselves that there is a financial responsibility to the running of these walks both in the East Midlands and Nationally.

Any money that you send is purely voluntary and can be given to through your reunion group or as individuals (I know we are not all in re-union groups and not all re-union groups meet) to keep things ticking over it would be really helpful if we each contributed around £15.

You can get in touch with our treasurer Bill Dickinson at – willesdale@ntlworld.com for further information or to arrange a donation.

Thank you all for your continued love and support be that by activity, prayer or financial, all are of equal value and all gratefully received.

With love and blessings to you all

Nikki and the EM committee.

David, Wendy, Bill, Andrea, Steve, Liz, Ted, Melanie, David, Theresa, Jo, Pat and Ian.

23td December 2016

As I sit and write this at my computer it is the eve before the eve of Christmas, and that amazing time we spend together as family and friends celebrating the birth of our saviour.

The same question is on many lips, “are you ready?”

But what is it I am supposed to be doing in order to get myself “ready”

Is my house clean and tidy? – No – it rarely is!

Do I have all the food in and are the cupboards bulging? – No – we live in a 24/7 culture if I am desperate for anything during the one day the shops are closed, I will either find it or go without.

Is the baking done, the presents wrapped and the house decorated? Well half and half,

So what have I been doing with my time?

Well making memories with my grandchildren, planning wedding ideas with my gorgeous daughter, spending time, love and energy with those folk who just desire time, love and energy spent on them, because I believe that this is what the incarnation signposted.

Too many people had gone their own way, got lost, had forgotten the central figure of their faith, thought they could “Go it alone!!”

And as I look at the numbers of those who have completed their “Walks to Emmaus” I am struck by just how many have now gone their own way or figure they can walk this path alone, how many have lost touch and got lost – is this you?

The question on my lips is this “Are you ready?” ready to hook up with us again, ready to reach out a hand in love and friendship or do you have a hand in need that you want us to grasp, we are here, ready, willing and able to continue loving you and upholding you, perhaps we can encourage you and empower you or walk alongside you once again?

Or perhaps as you read this note, you will just thank God that there is still hope out there whenever you feel “ready” to grasp it once again.

With my love and prayers for a joyous, hope filled and peaceful Christmas.

Nikki Coles (EMLD)