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EM News and Prayer request

Dear Emmaus friends,
With just over 6 weeks to go until the EM19 (Men’s) Walk, I bring the following bulletpoints to your attention and ask for your prayers plus any response you feel guided to make:

  • We have a truly excellent Team in place, keen to serve.
  • We have four Pilgrims, for which we thank God.
  • Two other men have stated their intention or aspiration of joining us as Pilgrims, though neither is official until we have the forms.
  • There is, therefore, lots of room for more Pilgrims.
  • Please prayerfully consider whether you feel anyone’s journey with Christ would be refreshed, deepened or rekindled by joining a Walk To Emmaus.
  • Application forms on elsewhere on this website
  • The Walk will be October 26th to 29th at Crich in Derbyshire.
  • Contact Andrew Gadd if you need more information.
  • Please feel free to forward this to anyone you know in the Emmaus community beyond the East Midlands zone.

My opening line about prayer is very-much meant and not a generic Christian nicety.  Please join us in praying that God’s will will be done in terms of this Walk, and, indeed, in the Walk to Emmaus movement in the UK.

De Colores!
Andrew Gadd

Emmaus Walks

Could all Lay Directors please make sure that I have their email contact address. I am getting more email through the contact page of this site and need to be able to pass it on.  Thank you. Carol


“Walk to Emmaus” National Day.

To be held at Rothwell Methodist Church, Market Hill, Rothwell, Northamptonshire, NN14 6BW

On Saturday 1st July 2017.

We want to host the biggest poster party ever seen

And have the most fun we have ever had

So come along and make that happen.

Car park at back of church and free on the Market Square if there’s room.


New National Lay Director

AWARDS: The Deputy Mayor of North East Lincolnshire councillor Melanie Dickerson and consort David Dickerson at the presentation of The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award presentation evening, held at Grimsby Town Hall. Picture: Michelle Adamson Buy this photo at or by contacting 08444 060910 Requested by: news Contact: DOEA co-ordinator Sue Campbell 07919304494 Date: 20-12-11 Keywords: awards

We have a new National Lay Director in Melanie Dickerson.  We are all so grateful for her stepping forward to serve in this way and send our grateful thanks to David James for all his work in the past.

So for now the list of the National Board is incorrect and will be updated soon.

We do also have a new Communications officer, but until they are completely up to speed, I can put information on this website for you.  Do get in touch forr any help