National Board

Our Board Members:
Lay Director : Melanie Dickerson
Spiritual Director : Rev Andy Warren
(assisted by Rev David Haywood)
Secretary : Helen Snowball
Treasurer : Melanie Dickerson
International Agape Coordinator : Pat Basson
Communications Officer : Terry Green
(All enquiries go to Terry Green)

Community Representatives to the Board: 
East Midlands : Nikki Coles
North East :
North West :
South Central :
South East :
South West : Anne Davies
Training Officer : Pete Richardson
Training Officer : Richard Crispin


 News from the National Board:

From the National LD – David James

Hello and good wishes to all of you.

Thank you to all of you who made your way to Rothwell in Northamptonshire for our National Gathering in early July. These events are always a good opportunity to renew friendships and to hold honest discussions about how Walk to Emmaus is progressing in the UK.

Next year, 2016, we will be celebrating 21 years of Walk to Emmaus in the UK with a bigger national celebration, the details of which are still being decided. As soon as the date and venue are confirmed, I will ask Christa to notify you all so that you can put it in your diaries.

Summer is a time for holidays. For those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to go away, some may have already been and some may be waiting until the schools go back before setting out, holidays hopefully give us time to reflect on many things. Things such as, how our lives are going, whether we are working in the right place and maybe the most important, how our relationship with God is. I hope that you are able to reflect in that way.

For most churches, whether Methodist or not, August is a time when regular activities pause and children’s activities take over in some churches. Then, in September, the regular round of groups and meetings starts again. In the Methodist church it is also a time of welcome as ministers move to new churches or other positions. In other words, it is a new start and, perhaps, a better time for making new resolutions than January 1st.

What I would love to see in these next few months, as we lead up to our 21st celebration in late spring/early summer 2016, is everyone who is reading this newsletter making a resolution to do an Emmaus related thing that they didn’t do last year. Maybe sponsoring a pilgrim, going on team, going to a walk candlelight or closing, going to a reunion group or gathering or being part of a 72 hour prayer vigil for a walk. Can you do that?

Finally, congratulations are due to Rev Roger Walton. Roger was one of the small group of people who brought Emmaus from the US to the UK nearly 21 years ago and he has been elected President designate of the Methodist Conference for 2016/17.

De Colores

Dave James