Sad News

The South Central Emmaus community have informed us of the sad death of Joyce Riddell after a long period of ill health. Would you all hold Duncan and the family in your prayers, as they prepare for Joyce’s funeral on the 10th of this month.

If you would like any further information then please contact Richard Crispin


Winter Newsletter 2016/17

Dear Emmaus Friends.

Hello & welcome to my first attempt at producing a Newsletter for Emmaus.

My name is Terry Green & I am new to the post of Communications officer. I have no formal training in preparing this type of thing but have done this type of thing for various charities for many years.

As for my Emmaus connections; I am from the SE district, I attended SE walk16 as a pilgrim & SE17 as a servant, hopefully I will also be a servant on SE19 (Se18 being a men’s walk in March this year)

If you would like to send in any entries for future Newsletters I will attempt to make the next one more interesting. You can contact me at with anything you feel might be of interest to the community.

De Colores!                    Terry Green – Communications

I do not know what information is normally put in these Newsletters so I will continue with any information I have gathered from meetings etc. that I have attended and items from the various communities and members who I have had contact with so far.

I will start with the South East District as that is my area, I belong to the Kent travellers reunion group which is hosted by Eddie & Richard Vincent.

From the South East District

Nicola Vidamour sent this topical item:

This year our churches in East Ham did posada – a Spanish word meaning lodging or shelter – is an old Mexican tradition where people, dressed as Mary and Joseph travel from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Modern day Posada uses nativity figures of Mary and Joseph who travel from place to place. This gives each host the chance to use their imaginations and think about how they would welcome Mary and Joseph into their home and how they can make room for Jesus in their lives.

We bought some Fairtrade cloth dolls to represent Mary and Joseph. In order to reflect the multi-cultural make-up of our congregations, Mary is black and Joseph is Asian! During Advent they (and their donkey!) stayed with members of our congregation. In their travel bag, there was a children’s story book (The Night of Las Posadas); a Posada board game (downloadable from and a journal in which people were invited to write down or draw or put photographs of what they did with Mary and Joseph (and the donkey!) Every Sunday Mary and Joseph (and the donkey!) would come back to church so that, during the service we could hear.


Now something from Andy Warren, the twelfth in a series of reflections on the Emmaus story

“ ….. And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:27  

So, there we are. My last contribution came just before the Brexit vote and this time I’m writing this just before America will vote for their new President.

Both decisions had (or will have) far reaching effects. Despite all the words spoken or written, neither though have done much to encourage us to trust and ‘blindly’ follow.

Since ‘episode’ 11, my beloved Pompey have suffered defeat in the dreaded end of season playoffs and we’ve begun a new season. The highs and lows of hope and expectation all wrapped up in just a few minutes. Those early disciples walking down the road would have been feeling the same and this ‘guy’ who tagged along with them, wasn’t actually helping them get over it as they were made to bring the whole sorry saga up again.

Then, after he let them have their say. Jesus had his.

Jesus needed them to get this off their chest before he could say anything that would be heard. And that is an important message for us all to hear. Sometimes we need to stop and listen before we open our mouths.

On Emmaus after each talk we share a period of silence. That is an important break, an important opportunity just to re-live and re-think, before we charge into a discussion. A time to collect our thoughts and let the important ones stick on our minds.

Many pilgrims possibly don’t realise (until later) just how much the talk’s link together and why they are put where they are in the overall course.

Those two on the Emmaus Road where at much the same stage. They had picked odd bits up, of course they had, but they couldn’t see how it linked together or linked to where they were now.

So Jesus, bless him, gave them this amazing Bible Study as they walked along the road.

From the promise in Genesis to the restoration message of Malachi, Jesus was on a roll as he explained how the prophet’s messages all knitted together and were leading up to this very minute in their lives, leading up to him.

They knew some of it in their hearts, of course they did, but the way Jesus re-introduced these two disciples to the Biblical background of the ‘now’ was an eye-opener. I can imagine them waking with mouths open as they listened, almost punching the air as bit by bit it all seemed to come together, to become real.

And those of us who have been on team, know a little of what that is like as we have seen the change in pilgrims during those 72 hours. Things they knew becoming real.

Like the start of a puzzle, bit by bit the fuller picture appears…. and Jesus is in all the bits somewhere – in the background or now and again nearer the foreground; but he is there.

And in those two walking along, their darkness gradually turned to light

Wow! What a buzz.

And how did that affect them? Well, we’ll have a look at that next time.

In the meantime I hope that Christmas will provide you with the odd buzz now and again; that you’ll discover a bit more of the puzzle of who Jesus is and what he means to you in your life and it will leave you wanting to punch the air; and that in him you’ll find a leader well worth following and putting your trust in.

De Colores          Andy Warren

Lastly News of Forthcoming walks that have been brought to my attention

Please click on either the “Next Walks” tab or on your “Community” page for all current details


This takes place on 30th March-2nd April 2017

EAST MIDLANDS 18 Ladies Walk

This will be taking place from 28th April to 1st May 2017


The dates for this are 26th -29th October 2017.


The above will take place from 9th -12th November at The Emmaus Centre, West Wickham. Sadly, this will be our last Walk there as the Centre is closing at the end of 2017. A Lay Director will be appointed early in the New Year. Please consider coming on Team and also sponsoring Pilgrims. Just remember how much your own Walk meant to you.

Let us make this last Walk at West Wickham truly memorable (well they always are!) I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas and my very best wishes for next year.

Please pray for these and any other proposed walks that will take place in the coming year,

New National Lay Director

AWARDS: The Deputy Mayor of North East Lincolnshire councillor Melanie Dickerson and consort David Dickerson at the presentation of The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award presentation evening, held at Grimsby Town Hall. Picture: Michelle Adamson Buy this photo at or by contacting 08444 060910 Requested by: news Contact: DOEA co-ordinator Sue Campbell 07919304494 Date: 20-12-11 Keywords: awards

We have a new National Lay Director in Melanie Dickerson.  We are all so grateful for her stepping forward to serve in this way and send our grateful thanks to David James for all his work in the past.

So for now the list of the National Board is incorrect and will be updated soon.

We do also have a new Communications officer, but until they are completely up to speed, I can put information on this website for you.  Do get in touch forr any help