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Hello All,

De colores cross

We have ladies  walks taking place in four regions this year, and discussions to take place about mens walks in two of our regions. This requires a lot of planning and dedicated team members and importantly, pilgrims.  Please check out the UK Walks page and see if you can help with either team or sponsoring a pilgrim.

Don’t forget you can also use the prayer page to share your concerns or joys and each person asking for pray gets an email saying how many people are praying for them.  So do go onto the prayer section and help other community members by praying for them as well as adding your own.

If you would like  anything included on the website, please get in touch with me using the “Contact Us” section.  If you would like to contact any of the National Board or Regional committee members too, then use the same method.

Yours in Christ


From the National LD, David James

From the National Lay Director

Hello and good wishes to all of you.

I am writing this in the days leading up to Advent Sunday, the start of Advent when we start looking forward. We look forward, not only to Christmas but to the time when Christ will come again and lives will be transformed.

Many lives have been transformed, in many different ways, by people’s experiences of being pilgrims on Emmaus walks, becoming butterflies on Chrysalis flights as well as their subsequent fourth day experiences. That is something well worth celebrating and that is what we are intending to do!

Looking forward to 2016 and it will be 21 years since the first Emmaus walk took place in the UK, led by a team of American men. Their gift to us. We want to celebrate this and everything that has happened in the years since.

So, please put the following date in your diary,

Saturday 18th June 2016

for it is on that Saturday that we will be meeting in Grimsby, where God has carried out so much good work through Emmaus, for a day of worship, celebration, food, entertainment and fellowship. We are being joined by the worldwide leader of Walk to Emmaus, Rev. Stephane Brooks, who is coming over from Nashville to be with us.

We are also intending to meet on the Sunday morning for worship and our AGM.

I know that we have been tested, in many ways, during the past 21 years in Emmaus UK but so much good has come out of it that we just have to celebrate and pray for healing where it is needed.

Please reserve the date. More details soon.

I pray that you will have the Christmas that you desire and offer you best wishes for 2016.

De Colores

Dave James