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De colores cross

We have a busy year planned with walks taking place in nearly every region, some regions even have two walks, a mens and a ladies.  This requires a lot of planning and dedicated team members and importantly, pilgrims.  Please check out the UK Walks page and see if you can help with either team or sponsoring a pilgrim.

Don’t forget you can also use the prayer page to share your concerns or joys and each person asking for pray gets an email saying how many people are praying for them.  So do go onto the prayer section and help other community members by praying for them as well as adding your own.

If you would like  anything included on the website, please get in touch with me using the “Contact Us” section.  If you would like to contact any of the National Board or Regional committee members too, then use the same method.

Yours in Christ


From the National LD, David James

From the National Lay Director

Do you get downhearted about your church life?

Is yours a struggling church?

Declining numbers?

Ageing congregation?

Less money coming in but the building needs more and more spending on it?

Trouble finding leaders?

Trouble finding anyone prepared to do all the jobs?

The purpose of the Walk to Emmaus is to enable each of us to serve our local churches in a more effective way. The “Emmaus effect” can wear off over time, especially if you are unable to be part of a reunion group.

So, as we move into a new year, some thoughts about how, with the help of your Emmaus experience, you may revive yourself, if needed, and then your church.

  • Look out the notes that you made when you were a pilgrim. Read through them, looking up any scripture references that you were given, and then reflect on the notes as you did on your walk.
  • Join or start a reunion group.
  • Attend a gathering.
  • Give serious thought and prayer to whom it might be good to sponsor as a pilgrim.
  • Think about serving on an Emmaus team.

God gives us many opportunities to build our faith and the faith of others. In that way we can serve him better. We need to work for him.

If your church is thriving, growing in numbers and gives you a really good spiritual life then we can praise God for his gift to you. Please pray for those of us that need help in our churches.

De Colores

Dave James